Security forces arrest those involved in the violence of contracting professors in Rabat.

Security forces arrest those involved in the violence of contracting professors in Rabat. Based on accurate data provided by the interests of the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance, on Thursday, the Judicial Police Authority of Rabat managed to arrest the suspect, who appeared in video clips violating participants in a protest form in Rabat last Wednesday. The General Directorate of National Security stated that the judicial police services in charge of investigating this case had conducted all necessary preliminary research in light of the data and records transmitted by social networks, which made it possible to diagnose and arrest the suspect of these criminal acts. The same source indicated that the suspect had been kept under the measure of pre-trial custody, subject to the search being supervised by the competent public prosecution, in order to determine the circumstances, circumstances, and backgrounds of this case.

Here are 30 websites for making money online.

 Here are 30 sites for making money online.

I group its sites by category to allow you to better understand how they work. At the end of this article, I'll tell you what's the best way to make money online even when you are asleep.

With the sites I am preparing to bring to you, you can start by making some money online. You could then use this money to build your business on the internet. Without further ado, let's explore the sites.

The criteria for choosing the different sites mentioned in this article.

The sites I propose in this article were not chosen at random. There are two simple reasons they caught my attention and are the subject of this article:

Either blogger friends have talked about it and find it rather interesting and profitable.

Or I tested them and was able to make money online, but most of all I was able to get my income back.

Registration is easy and above all you do not pay anything to register.

If any of them caught your eye, you could enter with peace of mind with absolute certainty that you will get your winnings back after your efforts.

Sites to Make Money Online Easily by Completing Paid Assignments

Paid assignments are the easiest ways you can make money online. They don't require enough work on your part, but they don't make as much money for you. What is certain, they can help you earn enough money to pay for a domain name and web hosting to launch a website.

I actually used that kind of money to build a site that pays off in 30 days. Among the remunerated missions, we can group together: paid email sites

With paid emails, it is easy to make money online. You just need to find sites that offer you free registration followed by payment for each email you read.

After signing up, you will just have to wait to receive the emails and read them to pocket some money. The sites that nowadays pay well for this type of activity on the French-speaking market are:

1. Moolineo:

This is one of the sites that I love the most. It only came into the world in 2015, but thanks to its ability to pay its users, it immediately ranked among the best in its class.

The payment threshold is € 15. Which is great because, you could achieve it every month if you take the time to complete all the missions. How do I make money online with Moolineo? this is surely the question you are asking yourself. But I have already answered this question on this site and I invite you to read my review on Moolineo which explains the procedure to follow.

But since the art of teaching finds its success in repetition, I will once again summarize what you will need to do to make money online with Moolineo. You could do this by:

Reading emails

Responding to surveys

Registering on sites

Buying from its partner sites

Participating in sponsored offers

Participant in the various raffles

Clicking on sites

Participant in contests (gifts)

Sponsoring your friends, family and on the internet

For his various possibilities of activities with moolineo, the remuneration is not the same. Paid emails and paid clicks make less money than sponsorship, for example. But by combining all of its solutions that the site offers, you will certainly achieve a good additional income.

2. Loonea:

This site was born a few months ago and if it is on this list, it is because it is edited by the editors of Moolineo. We notice it by its interface which looks point by point to that of Moolineo but also by its offers.

As in the first case, the payment threshold is € 15. The site offers you Golden Tickets which are redeemable for devices that you can resell at the right corner and still earn money online. Registration is free and you can do it here:

How do I make money online with Loonea?

Being two sister sites, the solutions they offer are the same. As in the first case, you could make money online using one of the methods I discussed above in the case of Moolineo.

My journey with Moolineo and Loonea. With Moolineo, I managed to pocket € 35 the first month of my registration. In the months since I signed up, my income has dropped a bit, firstly because I don't really read emails anymore due to lack of time, and secondly because I don't subscribe to all the sites that Moolineo offers me.

With Loonea, I haven't hit the payout yet because I'm not active enough. My income on the site is not increasing due to a lack of activity. But with the sponsorship on these sites, I also get to earn a nice bonus which rounds off my income.

Besides reading the emails that its sites offer, they also offer you an interesting sponsorship system. You receive a 5 € bonus for each 6 referrals you sponsor and who are really active. An active referral is a referral who validates his registration and reconnects to the site at least once after validation.

3. Gaddin

Gaddin is one of the oldest sites where members can earn money online by signing up. To make money with this site, you have several solutions, all profitable. These solutions have already enabled hundreds and thousands of people to make money on the internet.

How do I make money online with Gaddin? Among the multiplicity of solutions available on the site, I can say that you could make money by:

giving answers to surveys that you will receive by email;

testing and giving your opinion on products you are going to consume

taking some of your time to visit partner sites

going through Gaddin to shop on the internet, if you are used to shopping online of course;

sponsoring your friends

As with the first two sites mentioned in this article, you have a variety of ways to make money online with Gaddin; all by registering for free. Why deprive yourself of it? Register here: Gaddin (affiliate link).

4. Qassa

Formerly called Money Millionaire, Qassa is one of the oldest earning opportunities sites on the internet. Created in 2000, it now has more than 200,000 members in France in 2000. The site is also functional in more than 9 European countries.

More specifically, Qassa is an online savings program that allows members to earn loyalty points through their internet purchases. This information proves the site's ability to pay its members and especially its ease in settling in other countries. But how do you make money online with Qassa?

It’s simple and most importantly, very profitable. For each new registration to the site, the registered member receives 1.25 € of income welcoming him. The Qassa community made up of participating members receive remuneration in the form of pearls which they can redeem for cash.

To earn pearls and therefore money, members must:

Just read emails. Very easy to do and most importantly it pays fast. All you have to do is click to read the email and you're good to go.

Participate in offers from advertisers on the site either by purchasing through coupon codes that they can earn;

Watch advertising videos;

Recover part of your money thanks to the Cashback offered by the site

Sponsor their loved ones and but.

Register for free here: Qassa. To find many referrals, you could visit the site http / / and submit your sponsorship offers. You could also use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +…, to sponsor.

Paid survey sites.

Making money online with paid surveys is a viable option because it doesn't require you to invest. Remuneration is more interesting than in the case of paid mails.

In addition to the money you earn, you help companies learn about market trends and deliver targeted products. If you don't know where to sign up to take surveys and make money online, don't worry. I have prepared a list of serious sites that really pay off and have already proven themselves on the internet. It is :

5. Greenpanthera (FR): € 4 with free registration

This site offers you cash compensation… the site offers all new participants a welcome bonus of € 4. This means that as soon as you register, you will receive 4 € directly after confirming your registration. You could make money online with Greenpanthera (FR), by:

Responding to surveys;

Buying on the internet.

Registration is completely free and you can do so by clicking here.

6. MySurvey

This is one of the best-known sites that offers market research. To earn money online with MySurvey, you must earn MySurvey Points which you can redeem for cash or Amazon vouchers.

You also have the option of redeeming your points for personal or household care items. The site pays you through Paypal and registration can be done here.

As another site of this kind, you have: the Grand Jury of Televiewers (FR).

With it, you could give your opinion on television programs. By completing the surveys, you will have the opportunity to win gifts and each month, a prize draw will be made allowing you to win € 1000. Registration is also free and without financial commitment. It is done here: Grand Jury of Televiewers.

You could also find the Coclicco site.

It allows you to give consumers' opinions on trade-related topics. Registration is free and without obligation. To register, it's here: Coclicco

7. Global test Market (FR)

This site gives you the opportunity to participate in market research and get paid for the cause. Collaborating with world-famous companies, the administrators of the site have the possibility of offering us surveys. These surveys allow us to have a real influence on the development of the products we are offered.

How to make money online with Global test Market? You don't have to worry about making money with this site. To make money, you should earn Markets Points which will then be exchanged for cash. 1000 Markets points can be redeemed for $ 50, a little below € 50. You generally have two solutions to earn market points:

the first is to complete the surveys he sends you by email

The second is to participate in contests. To register, go here: Global Test Market.

8. Games

Are you a consumer spending money on dozens or even hundreds of games? then your opinion matters. It can make you money and you could try to make it profitable with the JeuxDiTout site.

It is a community that aims to collect the opinions of players in order to imagine new games. By participating in this community, you could help create new games that meet your expectations, but also your needs.

With this community, you are not going to make any money online. But you're going to win Amazon and other gift certificates that will let you buy without paying.

There is no shortage of such sites that allow you to take surveys or read emails to make money online. You can complete this list with sites like: Isay, TNS Sofres (FR), Toluna (FR), GreenPanthera (which offers you € 4 upon registration) etc.

Site to make money online with your documents.

After your studies, you have a sustained dissertation that is stored in your closet; but you don't know what to do with it? You are a teacher or you have knowledge in several areas. You are also lucky because you could make money with your knowledge. Which site is used in this case?

9. Encyclodocs

The Encyclodocs site offers you to drop off your documents with it and it pays you. Each sale of your documents earns you € 7 and the payment threshold is € 10.

Profitable site to earn money online in Africa

As you know if you are African, access to the above sites is limited and you cannot register. I recently discovered a profitable site that pays in Africa and which I am going to seriously test. This is the site:

10. Scarlet Clicks

http / www is a site in English which some Africans say pays in Africa. It was presented by Roger Kouame who uses it from Ivory Coast and collects his money.

Registration is also free and you have several platforms to collect your income. Not having tested it myself, I do not put a link. Take the test and comment if you can make money and most importantly get back the money you earn.

With these sites, you can pocket a few tens of dollars every month, but by combining with the sponsorship, you could make a good top-up. As you know, I love to earn money online. This is the easiest way for me to develop passive income.

But with paid emails, you can quickly get bored or disgusted with the actions to be taken even though they don't require too much effort. That’s why, I prefer to find other sites to make money on the internet.

Sites to Make Money Online By Recouping Your Expenses.

If you are used to shopping on the internet, you could count on the cashback offered by some sites to recover some of your expense. For these types of sites, install the app they offer to be notified of discounts often when you visit a merchant site. As a site, you could find:

11. IGraal: € 3 free upon registration

This platform offers you through its multiple partners to recover a significant rate of your online expenses. It also offers promo codes, but also printable discount coupons.

Registration is completely free and you have the sponsorship to earn even more money. Its sponsorship system will allow you to receive a bonus of 10% of your godson's earnings. To register, it's here:


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